Y3 Trip to go Ahead

Please note, we have been in contact with Longendale Environmental Centre and the course leader has advised that tomorrow’s trip is safe to go ahead. Although there has been some snow around that area, the course leader has confirmed that it is melting now and does not appear to be returning on the forecast. The children’s safety is of paramount importance to us an we will be in contact with them in the morning to confirm that the conditions there are still appropriate for us to visit. We will be spending time both in and outside of the centre and will ensure that children do not spend to much time outdoors if it is very cold.

Here are a few reminders for the day:

  • Children to arrive at school via the front entrance at 8.30 to allow for a prompt registration and departure.
  • Warm, comfy clothing is to be worn with trainers/ boots (wellies to be brought in a carrier bag).
  • Please wear a waterproof coat.
  • Packed lunches are to be brought in a throw away bag.
  • Children on school lunches are to bring a carrier bag to store them in.
  • Please bring a spare drink for the afternoon.

We are extremely excited about this trip and the great learning opportunities it will provide for the children.

Thank you for your continued support,

Mrs Hurst and Miss Myerscough

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