An Adventure into the Blue Planet

An Adventure into the Blue Planet


Today in Y3H we have begun our new book unit: The Story of the Blue Planet. We have been exploring the waterfall, butterfly cave, beach and forest within the Blue Planet using our imagination. The children wore blindfolds to help them visualise their new surroundings. After that, the children came up with some fantastic vocabulary to describe what they could see, hear and feel on the Blue Planet. Later in the week, we will be writing an exciting setting description using this experience.

Later in the day, we also had a very practical maths lesson. The children were introduced to the concept of equivalent fractions by making fractions walls using strips of paper. The children learnt a lot from this and had fun along way. Maybe you could ask your child to demonstrate how they made their fractions walls at home?

A great first day back after a lovely bank holiday weekend. Great job Y3!

Mrs Hurst



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